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I have lived in the Charlotte area since 1997. For the last several years, my family and I have resided in the Cornelius and Huntersville areas. Having grown up as a military dependent, I have traveled across the United States and a few other countries. I am fully aware of what is involved with moving every few years as well as understand how it feels having to get acclimated to new places.

Deciding to buy or sell property can be an enormous and emotional undertaking. My reason for working in real estate is to help families and individuals meet their goals during the transition of buying or selling property. Each transition is custom, though it may be the result of shared life circumstances: marital separation, divorce, newly married, empty nesters, family expansion, relocation, first-time buyer/s, single parent, retirement, investment opportunity, vacation rental or other. No matter your transition, I am here to help.
I am most excited about meeting you, getting to know who you are and merging this with the home that mirrors your individual character and family as a whole! We will become friends, as you will find not only do I pay attention to detail, I listen, I am accessible when needed and I really do value your time, dreams and family.

Let’s talk soon!

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